Quality Inergen Fire Suppression System with NFPA standard

Inergen consists of gases, which occur naturally in the atmosphere (nitrogen 52%, argon 40%, and carbon dioxide 8%). This means there is no impact on the environment when a system is activated. No chemicals are used here. Inergen does not adversely affect the environment or damage the earth’s ozone.

In the event of a fire, the Inergen system is activated automatically and usually extinguishes the fire within 40 seconds and at the same time prevents re-ignition. The fire is extinguished with Inergen which lowers the oxygen level in the protection area from 20.9% to between 12-15%. The low oxygen level makes the fire extinguish before it becomes large. This avoids damage caused by fire and protects valuable assets such as buildings, interiors, warehouses, data and process equipment, etc. This is truly unique.

It is not at all dangerous for humans to remain in a room where the Inergen system is activated. You may find that you breathe a little deeper than usual. This is because your brain wants the same amount of oxygen as before the system was activated and the oxygen level was lowered. It happens automatically.

Inergen Fire Suppression System is very suitable for protecting sensitive rooms. Some rooms or areas that are suitable for protection with the Inergen fire suppression system include:

  1. Data Centers
  2. Server Rooms
  3. Laboratory
  4. Archieve Room
  5. Library
  6. Art & Precious artifacts Room
  7. Electrical Panel Room

Advantages of Inergen Suppression System

  1. Designed with High Technology
    The allergen system is designed with high technology. The allergen system is able to work automatically when a potential fire occurs. This allows fire suppression to be carried out quickly and accurately before it starts a fire and harms valuable assets, and of course without leaving any residue.
  2. Environmentally Friendly
    Because the inergen system is a gas that leaves no residue or residue after extinguishing. Inergen gas media is very safe for the environment and does not cause air pollution or other environmental damage.
  3. Safe for Human breathing
    The allergen gas mixture is safe for humans in the short term, meaning that people in the room have sufficient time to leave the fire area without being exposed to serious health risks. The concept of the allergen breathing system has been approved by the International Network of Safety and Health Professional Organizations (INSHPO). Previous studies of Europeans and Americans have shown the gas to be non-toxic.
  4. Does not damage surrounding objects
    The Inergen system works using a gas mixture that effectively extinguishes fire by reducing oxygen levels. Because it uses a gas extinguisher, it will not damage the surrounding objects. This is different from other extinguishers made of water, powder, or foam. There are remnants of extinguishing agents that can hit valuable objects and equipment. If exposed to the extinguisher, it can certainly damage it.
  5. Does not interfere with electrical and electronic systems
    The allergen gas medium does not conduct electricity or damage electronics. For this reason, this fire extinguishing system is perfect for environments that rely on sensitive equipment, such as electrical panel rooms and generator rooms.
  6. Wide protection coverage
    No matter the size and type of building, the inergen system is able to reach every nook and cranny effectively. Ensuring that the system will provide all-round protection against fire risks.

As a Fire Protection Specialist company, PT Adiwarna Anugerah Abadi has professional credibility in fire protection that has been trusted. Immediately protect your valuable assets with the latest technology with the Inergen Fire Suppression System by contacting us via the Contact Us page and we will provide services with professional integrity and with NFPA standards.