Hydrants & Sprinklers

Fire hydrant system has an output system which is the place where the water media flowing from the hydrant piping network comes out. The hydrant output system is in the form of a hydrant pillar and hydrant valve which will be connected to a fire hose reel in order to channel water to the fire point.

Fire Sprinkler is a tool installed in buildings. Usually having a system that has been installed in the building can be very helpful in extinguishing the fire, even before the firefighters arrive the fire can be successfully turned off.

  • UL and C-UL Listed; FM, NYC, LPCB, and VdS Approved.
  • For 5.6 K-Factor, horizontal and vertical sidewall sprinklers (TY3451, TY3351), see TFP161 for technical information and listing details.
  • For 5.6 K-factor, upright and pendent sprinklers (TY315, TY325), see TFP152 for technical information and listing details.
  • For 2.8, 5.6, and 8.0 K-factor, upright, pendent, and recessed pendent sprinkler (TY1151, TY1251, TY4851, TY4951, TY4151, TY4251, TY3151, TY3251), see TFP151 for technical information and listing details.
  • Rated for 2000 gpm (7550 LPM)
  • 200 psi (14 BAR) maximum pressure rating
  • Durable lightweight aluminum construction
  • Red urethane enamel finish
  • Opens on demand to supply fire protection sprinkler system.
  • Pilot system can be hydraulically, pneumatically, or manually operated.
  • Body and cover are constructed of strong and durable ductile iron.
  • Simplified and efficient design is easy and economical to maintain.
  • Combination pattern nozzles with multiple flow settings
  • Superb wide fog pattern for optimum fire fighter protection
  • Flow pattern detents facilitate positive positioning and smooth action
  • Raised lug for easier pattern identification
  • Laser-etched anodized label for excellent durability and visibility
  • Flush without changing pattern or shutting down
  • Suitable for high pressure applications up to 580 psi (40 bar)
  • Ergonomic design pistol grip available in various colours
  • Heavy-duty chrome plated metal shutoff ball for smooth action and long life
  • Stainless filter mesh prevents blockage caused by debris
  • Minimal maintenance reflected in robust design, precision machining and quality materials
  • FM approved