What is Fire Sprinkler ?

Fire sprinkler is one of the automatic fire protection systems that are familiar to the general public. This system works by detecting an increase in temperature in the protected room. When the protected room temperature is detected to be a potential fire, the sprinkler will spray water.

In the fire sprinkler section there is a device called the Glass Bulb Sprinkler. The Glass Bulb on this Sprinkler Head is made of a thin layer of glass, which consists of a small thermo bulb filled with chemical liquid. When the temperature of the liquid reaches a certain level, the glass ball will explode quickly, thus activating the sprinkler.

Fire Sprinkler Function

  1. Automatic and Rapid Fire Suppression
    Fire sprinklers are designed to react automatically and quickly to fires. By detecting heat and spraying water directly onto the burning area, these systems can extinguish or control the fire before it spreads.
  2. Damage Risk Reduction
    By extinguishing fire at an early stage, fire sprinklers can reduce the damage caused by fire and smoke. This is crucial in protecting the building structure, contents, and valuable assets.
  3. Improving Occupant Safety
    In a fire situation, occupant safety is a priority. Fire sprinklers provide additional time for people to exit the building safely.
  4. Reduction of Smoke and Toxic Gases
    In addition to extinguishing fires, sprinkler systems also help reduce the production of smoke and toxic gases produced by fires. This is very important to protect the safety of occupants from inhalation hazards.
  5. Supports Safety Codes and Regulations
    In many countries, fire sprinkler installation has become part of the building safety code. Especially for tall buildings, healthcare facilities, and other public places.

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