What is Foam Suppression System ?

Foam system is one of the fire protection systems with foam media to extinguish the fire. Generally, foam systems are installed in industrial fields with class B fire risk. Namely, fires caused by flammable liquid objects.

Such as gasoline, oil, tinner, and paint. Then why foam system and not fire hydrant? Because hydrants use pressurized water media.

As we know, water and oil cannot merge. Putting out a fire on a liquid object like oil will actually result in expanding the fire and be fatal.

Therefore, the foam system is the most appropriate for fires in the industrial and oil world. Foam can dampen or envelop flammable liquid objects, and cut off fire-forming elements such as air and heat.

How does a foam system work?

Although this foam media uses foam, the foam system still requires water media as the main ingredient in the installation of this foam fire system. Even though water is the main ingredient, water media will be processed into foam. How is the process?

Please note that the foam system works with the support of its various components. Starting from water supply, fire pump, air foam concentrate, proportioner, foam maker, foam discharge outlet control panel, to a series of pipes. It is in the foam maker that foam is made from water media. The foam is then flowed through the pipe network and the output is discharged at the protected point. This foam system can also be integrated with fire alarm installations.

One of the virtues of the foam system is that it can prevent various fire hazards. This is because the foam system has six types of foam discharge.

The types of foam discharge are Air Foam Chamber, Air Foam Nozzle, Air Foam Spray Head, Subsurface Foam Injection, Air Foam-Water Monitor Nozzle and High Expansion Foam Generators.

Air Foam Chamber and Subsurface Foam Injection are specialized as fire protection in storage tanks, namely in open tanks. The Air Foam Nozzle supports both of these discharges. While the Air Foam Spray Head is specialized in reducing fires above the surface of flammable liquids or flammable liquids. While the Air Foam Monitor Nozzle is useful for extinguishing fires in offshore oil refineries.