What is CO2 Fire System? How it works

One effective fire extinguishing system is the CO2 fire system. This fire protection system is very sophisticated because it is able to work automatically.

In this article, we will review more about CO2 fire extinguishing systems. Including its working principles, applications, benefits, and the importance of implementing this technology that can save lives and valuable assets.

CO2 fire suppression system is a specialized fire protection solution designed to extinguish fires by releasing Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas.

CO2 is a highly effective fire extinguishing agent. When released into a burning area, this gas reduces the concentration of oxygen required for combustion. This leads to rapid and effective fire extinguishment. CO2 fire systems are generally used in situations where speed of extinguishment and minimal damage after a fire is very important. Therefore, its application is more in areas that are sensitive to other extinguishing agents such as water, foam, and powder.

The main components of the CO2 fire extinguishing system include:

  • CO2 cylinders
  • Fire detection system
  • Control panel
  • Solenoid/blackout valve
  • Pipe network
  • Nozzle
  • Warning and evacuation system

When a fire occurs, the heat detector or smoke detector will be triggered. These detectors are strategically placed throughout the protected area and are designed to respond quickly to changes in temperature or the presence of smoke.

Once signs of fire such as smoke and high heat are detected, the CO2 fire system will be activated. This can be done manually by personnel or automatically through a control panel connected to the detection system.

The CO2 fire system will release a high-pressure stream of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas into the protected area. The release of CO2 gas reduces the oxygen concentration in the room, thus reducing the ability of the fire to stay lit.

When CO2 gas is released, it will quickly spread throughout the protected area. The high presence of CO2 will stop the fire from continuing to burn, so the fire will be extinguished quickly. If you are also looking for a trusted and experienced contractor working on CO2 fire suppression system work, then trust our team.

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