Standard Protection for Tank Farms

NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) established fire protection guidelines for tank farms.

These include specifications for the layout of agent dispensing on the tank, speed and distance. The tank contents determine the agent fill rate which ranges from 4 liters/m2 /minute to 12 liters/m2 /minute.

The recommended agent type is Foam Based Fire Suppression System, Foam can dampen or envelop flammable liquid objects, and cut off fire-forming elements such as air and heat. Please note that the foam system works with the support of its various components.

Starting from water supply, fire pump, foam concentrate, proportioner, foam maker, foam discharge outlet control panel, to a series of pipes. Air Foam Chamber and Subsurface Foam Injection are specialized as fire protection in tank farms, namely in open tanks. The Air Foam Nozzle supports both of these discharges.