What is FM-200 Fire Suppression System? This is its function and how it works

FM-200 Fire Suppression is one of the effective and feasible fire fighting systems applied in today’s modern era. The FM-200 Fire Suppression system is considered effective because it uses gaseous media. The gas works by eliminating 1 of the 3 elements (heat, oxygen, and fuel) that cause fire. FM-200 Fire Suppression is a system that is designed to work automatically when a fire occurs. FM-200 Fire Suppression works more optimally and superior for fire protection in closed or indoor spaces, for example data centers, archive rooms, library rooms, and others. In the system, there is a fire alarm system that works automatically to detect the appearance of smoke when a fire occurs. Then the fire alarm system will send a smoke signal so that FM-200 Fire Suppression automatically works to extinguish the fire. FM-200 Fire Suppression will spray an extinguishing agent, so that the fire can be overcome before the appearance of the fire.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems are identical to fire extinguishing systems that use gas as an extinguishing agent. It can be HFC-227ea gas (FM-200), FK-5-1-12 gas (Novec-1230), or Inert Gas (Argon and Nitrogen). Although both use extinguishing agents in the form of gas, chemically there are differences in the way Halocarbon Gas and Inert Gas work in extinguishing fires. As for what distinguishes the way the gas works, the reason can be found in the fundamental theory of the creation of fire in the Fire Tetrahedron scheme.

How FM-200 Fire Suppression System Works

How the FM200 Fire Suppression system works is with sensors that have been integrated in the tool, when there are signs of a fire, the tool will automatically spray extinguishing substances so that fires can be prevented. Here is the explanation:

  1. Fire detection
    The FM200 is equipped with several types of fire detectors, such as smoke detectors, heat detectors, and temperature monitoring systems. When it detects suspicious smoke or temperature, it will send a signal to the control center.
  2. Fire warning notice
    After detecting a fire, the next way the FM200 fire system works is to provide a warning. Either in the form of an alarm, siren, or visual notification. The aim is to inform people in the vicinity of the fire, so that they can vacate the area.
  3. FM200 Activation
    When the warning is given and the fire is confirmed, the system will activate the FM200 gas release into the burning room. The way FM200 suppression system works there is a special design using polymer pipe.
  4. Release system
    Direct release systems utilize fire detection tubing as the delivery system for fire extinguishing media. The firetrace tubing closest to the hottest point will rupture, then the nozzle will work and release the fire extinguishing media. With indirect release systems, the FM200 suppression system will function as a detection device. The suppression system agent will be dispensed through copper pipe or stainless steel pipe. After the detection pipe breaks, the suppressant will work through the copper pipe or stainless steel pipe. The suppressor will work through the nozzle that has been placed. Furthermore, the extinguishing gas will come out through the nozzle.

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